Accendo Capital - Activist investor in Northern Europe

Accendo Capital SICAV, SIF ("the Fund") invests in Northern European small cap companies where shareholder value is created through active ownership. The Fund has a particular focus on companies that are driving, or benefitting from, technological innovation.

The Fund strives to be a dedicated, entrepreneurial shareholder that improves portfolio companies’ strategic clarity, financial understanding, and interest alignment among owners, Board, and management. Often, target companies are poorly understood by the capital markets, lacking research coverage and investor relations activities.

The Fund is the largest shareholder in Hexatronic Group (Sweden), Doro (Sweden) and Impact Coatings (Sweden), and the second largest shareholder in Remedy Entertainment (Finland) with Board representation in these companies. The Fund is also invested in additional, undisclosed holdings. Historically, the Fund has exited its major holdings primarily via public takeover at a price premium.

The Fund is open to qualified professional investors only. The minimum investment is EUR 250 000. The Fund Depositary, Paying Agent, and Administrator is RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. (Luxembourg). The authorized AIFM is Alter Domus Luxembourg S.à r.l. The Fund is registered with the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

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