Accendo Capital’s strategy is to invest in listed Northern European companies where shareholder value is created through active ownership. 

The strategy has a particular focus on companies that drive or benefit from technological innovation.

Accendo strives to be a dedicated, entrepreneurial shareholder that improves portfolio companies’ strategic clarity, financial understanding, and interest alignment among owners, Board, and management. 

Vision and investment philosophy

We live to develop and create unique and outstanding companies we can be proud of. We need capital to do what we are good at in order to guide, develop, and help build companies and that is why we have investors.

We look for bright minds and help them to achieve their full potential; companies are a collection of individuals seeking to thrive, grow and achieve their potential. Resource allocation for us includes both minds and capital for ideas that make a difference. This applies both to our portfolio selection and project selection at the company level.

Minds only can operate when they are free. The technology domain is one of the few remaining bastions of real freedom and hence where we focus at.

The standard of success is measured in our companies’ medium and long-term (operative) performance. Stock price increase is the reward for work well done.

A fundamentally different view on investing. We invest to make companies - the individuals behind them - thrive and flourish.

Henri Österlund 

Why Nordics?

What sets the Nordic countries apart?